Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral
Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral

Weekly News 12th April 2020

The early part of this week was spent finishing our website ready for public launch. At the moment, our website is very small, but everything works! We have 3 distinct sections. Each section has laid the foundations for forthcoming expansion. The 3 sections are as follows

  • The Photographers Section. This is for anyone interested in following in our footsteps. A place of tutorials, information and guides suitable for photographers. Tailored towards photographers who are interested in becoming involved in the stock photography world.
  • The Image Buyers Section. This is where we showcase our stunning photography. It is also the place to find out exactly where and how to buy our photographs! We will also use this section to guide potential buyers through the maze of licensing, rights management, copyright and much more.
  • The Weekly News Section. This is where everyone can keep up to speed with how things are progressing here, at John David Photography.  It is “Gossip Central”. Sometimes serious and sometimes light hearted. Something for everyone.

We’ve now got 5 articles for new photographers. The articles outline in simple terms what is needed to begin as a stock photographer. For buyers, we’ve got links to our work on most of our stock agencies.

The rest of the week was spent preparing photographs for upload to the agencies. We have a massive amount of photographs spanning several years.