Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral
Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral

Ethical Dealing Policy

Responsibility to Colleagues and the Profession

  • Maintain a high quality of service and a reputation for honesty and fairness.
  • Oppose censorship and protect the copyrights and moral rights of other creators.
  • Never advance one’s own interests at the expense of the profession.
  • Foster fair competition based on professional qualification and merit.
  • Never deliberately exaggerate one’s qualifications nor misrepresent the authorship of work presented in self-promotion.
  • Never engage in malicious or deliberately inaccurate criticism of the reputation or work of another professional.
  • Negotiate licensing agreements that protect the historical balance between usage fees and rights granted.
  • Never offer nor accept bribes, kickbacks, or other unethical inducements.
  • Never conspire with others to fix prices, organize illegal boycotts, nor engage in other unfair competitive practices.
  • Refuse agreements that are unfair to the professional.
  • Never enter commercial competitions in which usage rights are transferred without reasonable fees.

Responsibility to Subjects & Clients

  • Respect the privacy and property rights of one’s subjects.
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner, and represent a client’s best interests within the limits of one’s professional responsibility.
  • Protect a client’s confidential information.
  • Accurately represent to clients the existence of model and property releases for photographs.
  • Use written contracts and delivery memos with a client, agency, or assignment representative.
  • Create website content as honestly as possible, provide accurate captions, and never intentionally distort the truth.

Responsibility to Employees and Suppliers

  • Honour one’s legal, financial, and ethical obligations toward employees and suppliers.
  • Never take unfair advantage of one’s position as employer of authors, assistants, employees, or contract labour.

Responsibility to Employers

John David, the owner of this website, may at times be employed by others in a wide range of professions including travel. John David certifies and guarantees that:-

  • All reviews of equipment, services etc, are made during his own time.
  • All photographs by John David are taken and edited in his own time.
  • He never canvases or touts for business with either customers or suppliers of his employers during periods of employment.
  • His own time is defined as time during which payment by way of wage or salary is not being made and time during which John David is regarded as being “off duty”.

Additionally in specific regard to John David’s occasional employment as a driver, the following notes apply.

During this employment, John David acknowledges that he is working under contract and control of his employer from arrival at the place of employment until departure from the place of employment. This may cover several days. He acknowledges that during a daily work period, he may have “time off”. He will be regarded as “off Duty” for certain periods each day and that during these off duty times, he is likely to be in contact with customers of his employer. He acknowledges that although he is “off duty” during these times, he is still representing his employer and his employer can still be responsible for his actions. During these times, John David certifies that he carries out no photography for any purpose connected with this website. John David also certifies that he maintains no contact with either customers or suppliers of his employer.