Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral
Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral

Property Photography

Natural lighting. Clearly visible hallway beyond the door. Scene through the windows is visible.

I am delighted to announce that I am now offering property photography services throughout North Wales, Chester and The Wirral.

Whether you are a guest house, bed and breakfast, hotel, lodgings, hostel or even an estate agent, you need imagery of your property which is welcoming, bright and spacious, with attention to detail.

Property photography requires specific equipment alongside specific skills if the results are to be worthwhile. I have the tools to achieve this.

First impressions matter

Sufficient in the scene to demonstrate the open plan layout

Professional photos are a great way to make your online listing more appealing and showcase your property. In fact listings that have professional photographs are more likely to get more sales at a higher price. There is nothing worse than dark, grainy, blurred photographs taken from wacky angles.

Small bathroom. Verticals are straight.
My aim is to capture images which portray your property truthfully and clearly. After capturing the images, they will be “post-processed”. This tweaks the images and removes blemishes. I will ensure that windows are not “blown out” to bright white. The scene through the window will be visible. Room verticals will be vertical. Importantly, the images will not be over processed. It’s important that your images are truthful to help your guests know exactly what to expect before they arrive. That way, they’ll have a great stay from the start.


Bright, natural lighting from a huge window. Scene through the window is visible.
The quantity of photographs captured depends on the size of the property. Typically, I would expect to provide 10 to 20 finished photographs. However, for large properties, guest house or hotel this will vary. Typically, I will capture not just whole room images, but also highlight some detail or special features. One or two images of the local area or facilities can add value. Location is often as important as the property itself. Of course, I always recommend an outdoor view of the property, so guests know what they’re looking for when they arrive.
Alternative view demonstrating the open plan layout
The amount of time spent capturing the photographs will depend on the size of the property.  Typically, it takes 1 to 2 hours.  After the post-processing stage, your finished photographs will be ready in 2 to 3 working days.
Scene through the windows clearly visible. Bright room well lit. Maybe a touch over processed, but many people like it

Let’s have a chat to discuss your requirements. I can be reached by email johndavid@johndavidphotography.co.uk or if you prefer, speak with me 07902 961370