Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral
Editorial & general stock photographer in North Wales, Chester & The Wirral

Preparing for Photography

Here are some handy hints to help you prepare for when your photographer arrives.

  • Declutter. I realise that most holiday accommodation doesn’t usually have much clutter in the first place. It’s always worth having a look round for clutter though.
  • Particularly important for bed & breakfast style accommodation with shared facilities, please make sure personal items are put away. Things such as in a shared bathroom, a bottle of soap on the wash basin looks good. Your own toothbrush and half used toothpaste doesn’t look so good.  Likewise, if you share your lounge with guests, please put away anything you don’t want to be seen in the photographs.
  • In the bathroom, clean the mirror, put the loo seat down, neaten the loo roll and open the shower curtain.
  • Make the beds neatly, with the pillows propped up. If you prepare the beds in a special way for your guests arrival, do just that. We’re thinking about if you place a handful of sweets on the bed, or a towel folded as a swan etc.
  • In the lounge, plump up and neatly arrange any cushions. Tidy up any bookshelves.
  • Open any blinds or curtains to let the light flow in.
  • Vacuum and dust.
  • Straighten any hanging pictures and position any rugs.
  • Don’t forget outside. Wheelie bins and recycling boxes should be concealed, perhaps in the garage. If there is a patio or decking area with a barbecue or garden furniture for guests to use, make sure they are present. However, if you don’t provide patio furniture, then don’t put any out to be included in the photographs. Honesty is everything. Your guests need to know if they need to bring their own deck chairs or not.

Above all else, don’t over sell. Your photographs will create expectation in your guests mind. If you don’t provide towels or toiletries, then the photographs of the bathroom should not have any towels or toiletries on show. If I photograph your patio with a barbecue, table and chairs then please provide these for your guests. Imagine the disappointment felt by your guests if these are not provided when they arrive with a bag of charcoal and £100 worth of barbecue food. If the view from your property is of a chemical works, then of course, I can minimize the impact of the scene through the windows. However I will not “photoshop” a false view of a palm tree lined beach.

Importantly, during these strange times, be sure to keep covid secure. Discuss with me the impact of a photo session at your property. Be aware of how long your property will be unoccupied before and after the photo shoot. Be aware that a photographer has to think twice before opening or closing a door. A photographer has to think twice before tweaking the arrangement of furniture or accessories in a room. You may need to be on hand to help with moving things. Stay safe and together we will work together to promote your property, superbly.